May 2024

Prior Years

Dr. Mrs. Jones, Thank you so much for the great sneakers. I like my shoes.

Dear Ms Wendy
Thank you so much
for my new shoes.
They help me run in
PE. I am going to
be real fast in
Special Olympics on
Friday. I love

SPRING SEASON BRINGS NEW SHOES AND BIG SMILES!!!!!! Just wanted to share how amazing it was for me to witness a very excited little boy receive a new pair of shoes last week. He literally gasped when he saw them, and the two pairs of matching socks. I wish I had videoed it. I swear this little boy is walking taller and showing more pride in his work and actions since receiving those shoes. Thank you Power Walking Ministires. I wish you could have enjoyed his excitement like I was able to. Please pass this along to anyone involved in Power Walking Ministires. Thank you for what you are doing. It truly makes a difference.
– Missy Whalen
   First Grade Teacher
   Southport Elementary School

Yes, Thank You! As you can see a picture says a thousand words. This is your love in action just the other day. He was so excited to be trying on new shoes that he can have & take home.
Thanks for blessing our kids at Belville.

This little girl just gave me a pair of new shoes for PWM and $205 she collected from her birthday over the weekend!!! Instead of presents she told everyone to contribute to PWM. I was in Tears!!!!! This blessed me beyond Words!!!!

to: Mrs. Jones
from: Anijah

I love the shoes they are pretty because pink is my favorite color

Why I love God
I love God because He made evreybody pretty.
I love you too Mrs. Jones
Love, Anijah