Dr. Mrs. Jones, Thank you so much for the great sneakers. I like my shoes.
Dear Ms Wendy
Thank you so much
for my new shoes.
They help me run in
PE. I am going to
be real fast in
Special Olympics on
Friday. I love
Just wanted to share how amazing it was for me to witness a very excited little boy receive a new pair of shoes last week. He literally gasped when he saw them, and the two pairs of matching socks. I wish I had videoed it. I swear this little boy is walking taller and showing more pride in his work and actions since receiving those shoes. Thank you Power Walking Ministires. I wish you could have enjoyed his excitement like I was able to. Please pass this along to anyone involved in Power Walking Ministires. Thank you for what you are doing. It truly makes a difference.
- Missy Whalen
   First Grade Teacher
   Southport Elementary School
Yes, Thank You! As you can see a picture says a thousand words. This is your love in action just the other day. He was so excited to be trying on new shoes that he can have & take home.
Thanks for blessing our kids at Belville.
Wilmington Pediatric Dentistry adopted Power Walking Ministries this year for their Christmas Outreach. The children are so bless to be supported by this amazing local business!
This little girl just gave me a pair of new shoes for PWM and $205 she collected from her birthday over the weekend!!! Instead of presents she told everyone to contribute to PWM. I was in Tears!!!!! This blessed me beyond Words!!!!
to: Mrs. Jones
from: Anijah

I love the shoes they are pretty because pink is my favorite color

Why I love God
I love God because He made avreybody pretty.
I love you too Mrs. Jones
Love, Anijah